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  1. Oliver Krov

    Milk duds are awesome

  2. EpicT 133

    I’m just saying, if anyone ever came over to my house and told me to crate my dog, I’m kicking them out of my house

  3. Baby Gaming

    I'm that girl even though I'm a boy 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Michael Diaz

    I love it 100%

  5. Michael Diaz


  6. Fluffy Moon Rabbit

    ha ha ha haahhahhahhah ha ha ha a aha ahaha a ha hah a ha a ha aha a ha ah ah ah ah a a a hat hhahahahahh

  7. Lisa Moore

    i am a youtuber to

  8. joonho Rhee

    what is the draw strength of the composite bow?

  9. Owen Thomson

    Thing about garret is he will never go grey he will go brown

  10. Ic3Fr0ST_ _

    1:52, ph?


    0:19 tennis trick shot by a kid

  12. Brandon Sagardia

    I love caramel apple pops, but not in my top 10 because they hurt my teeth so bad

  13. Thomas Lloyd

    Yeah Cory smoke him

  14. bofooit gojo

    “Hockey’s not a sport” My heart hurts (Redeemed by Mighty Ducks tho)

    1. bofooit gojo

      Ty now: Why did we wait so long to do this show? Not Top Ten Ty in 5-10 years:

  15. Manisesa Sivatia

    There all so insane.

  16. Mohammad Abdulmuqeet

    I love these channel

  17. Manisesa Sivatia

    So cool.

  18. Aesthetic Phoebz aesthetic vibes

    YES someone else should od top ten

  19. Lindsey Cramer

    500 yards

  20. Zayan Miah

    Tyler looks like the evil leader and the twins look like his bodyguards

  21. Owen Cooper

    This is all fake edit dumb boys

  22. Gamer Jacob

    As he took out the wrapping paper

  23. Emmanuel Walton


  24. Phoenix

    who else remembers when fortnite used to be fun 😔

  25. MrSaxAsian

    Who else wants judge Judy in the next episode

  26. Bryce Snyder

    Where’s my 10 bucks?!?!

  27. SHADOW_X 77

    How did coby not get 10 from impact

  28. SHADOW_X 77


  29. Michael Jones

    Amazing this looks like sooo much fun, lots of love from New Zealand haha

  30. Tech Turtle

    You can LEARN from betcha

  31. Nz Irfan

    The worst top 10

  32. God Girl

    Trick shots with cats

  33. Silver Wolf

    Garet ain’t you from mr beast

  34. Zuri's Fun Review

    This was so long ago

  35. Abundant Life


  36. Abundant Life

    Hdheidbsduhdbshsgdbdhfhhejdjjd why not iron man seriously why not any avenger movies

  37. ドンちゃん


  38. Atharva Patel

    The name for Cory's shot should be, The Bow and Basket shot.

  39. NutCracker420

    17 bounces

  40. Loradel Salvador

    That aircraft carrier is in the Philippines for now to help our country against china

  41. J Q

    Shush shush

  42. FaZe Saint2

    They say the game is difficult, you try it and beat all their records

  43. Luca Bowles-Diggett


  44. The Pizza Life

    Wait so the game show guy isnt ty?? Confused

    1. Taehoon

      he is but its a recording trick. so they use a green screen and they are both recorded at different times so that then they can both be on the set at once in the video.

  45. Matt Nguyen

    I love these ones

  46. Bray I don’t know


  47. param kaur

    3:01 he saw in a mirror 😁😁

  48. Christopher Jordan

    7:06 it shattered my heart

  49. Ben Vollmer

    Bruh I thought the wheel unfortunate guy was tyler

  50. Cheezy Wrestling

    Dude, they need a trampoline

  51. J-Soul Baseball

    Activities guy is back from the beach stereotypes

  52. Wong Jowo

    Bar baran mobil gw dia jamping ampe genteng itu mobil gw gasspoll jir :v

  53. Samantha K Nolk

    My favorite shot is Garrett AND THE COASTER

  54. Asher Weaver

    I think you should try and get Dragon City to sponsor and see if they can get you your own dragon. Maybe it could be like a 5 headed hydra dragon wearing merch.

  55. Ansa Hamid

    Kind regards as the first time I have to go to jaaa lldndnrex Ouuhkuythhj, hi unable

  56. its_ franna

    whata video

  57. Zayan Miah

    Why is this video on my recommended after 1 year

  58. DJYassi Parungao

    need car remot dp my idol plsss

  59. Moriah Ray

    Team Cory

  60. Washington Davis

    Just imagine giving birth to people like these dudes

  61. MJ Cossel

    My whole family loves Dude Perfect, but we also use these drink squirters. Definitely not showing this video to my kids! 😂

  62. Gilb Tube


  63. Julia Vollstedt

    Definitely when ty slipped on cereal on another top 10😂

  64. Greenkage


  65. DiRTyDanGLes 4


  66. Alexander Temple

    The music makes it 2X more dramatic

  67. Xavier Broughton

    Can we have a moment of respect for how much views this has

  68. Greendelta0723

    When your running to the fish it looks like there's a plane fire on the aircraft carrier and your an airport fire fighter rushing downstairs to a fire engine

  69. Tyler Shimozono

    I thought Cody got wheel 2 times. The spray tan one in overtime 1 and the swim a mile in some other overtime? Lemme know if I'm wrong.

    1. FortsIBuild

      The swim a mile was a betcha

  70. Matthew Roux

    do breakfast stereotypes

  71. Carolina Fens

    Don't waste foods(apple) please🥺🥺😇😇

  72. blue fire

    Yes I did and my channal I'd called blue fier

  73. 満得満得営秘

    😞😞😞هل العنوان عربي وله انا بدي دكتور ؟؟